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    Here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of your online community: the #hashtags and @mention features. @mentions The @mentions feature allows you to tag another AADNS member and alert them of a helpful post you're reading. To tag them with ...

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    Does the language of the regulation defines health care workers as " paid and unpaid". (i.e. unpaid would be student interns, volunteers) In respect to unpaid workers, is the regulation a recommendation or a requirement that a facility could be tagged ...

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    ​99 bed facility Dayshift 4 nurses 13 CENAs Afternoon Shift 3.5 nurses 13 CENAs Night Shift 3 Nurses 10 CENAs Every shift has at least 1 RN working. Lynne Miller, RN DON ------------------------------ Lynnette Miller PALS ,CHAPS Director of Nursing Trinity ...

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